World of Keralis HD – Week 51 | User Contributions & Shoutouts

Time has come from yet an world update, what is going on? This week topic is User Contributions and ofcourse channel shoutouts. Follow me on twitter – Download the world save – Texture Pack Texture pack used this time is Soartex 64 which can be downloaded at User Contributions User Contributions for my town are now opened. Please make a house which will fit in a lot of 22×22 blocks and send your schematic to If you have no idea on how to make a schematic and want to save the world save please use a file hosting website such as to upload your world save and then just send be the link. Please make sure to state what should be put on the sign outside the house for my video and aswell give me the link to your youtube channel or website so I can give some credits once your house has been recorded and upload to youtube. Shoutouts Channel spotlight 1 – Channel spotlight 2 – Channel spotlight 3 – Channel spotlight 4 – Channel spotlight 5 – Sorry for the editing but I will take some time to learn that bit in near future, until then enjoy and until next video. /Keralis

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25 Responses to World of Keralis HD – Week 51 | User Contributions & Shoutouts

  1. wizpet13 says:

    u shud get paid mate ur rlly? good

  2. Keralis says:

    @annoytanor007 hehe have? plenty of that m8. :)

  3. annoytanor007 says:

    Social life, Family !??

  4. Keralis says:

    @swiftcamyb Heya Buddy, thanks for the nice words and I usually talk about the sub count and other? random things in these update vidoes otherwise I try not mentioning it but I am amazed how far it have gone up.

  5. swiftcamyb says:

    Tip: don’t take a video? to talk about your subs upload the lets builds / tour thats what there here for. p.s. love the videos.

  6. RafaPL10 says:

    @Keralis Dzi?ki za info? :) Gratuluje budowli bo s? niesamowite!

  7. MatrixPL211 says:

    @Keralis A jaki txt pack? ;) ?

  8. MatrixPL211 says:

    @Keralis Dzi?ki ;) ?

  9. Keralis says:

    @CrapYouAPPLES Heya, it might be hard for? me to take it from there since the world that I am building on is sp. :(

  10. Keralis says:

    @MatrixPL211? jest na keralis kropka net :)

  11. Keralis says:

    @MrPioKarm Hejka, masz? world save na keralis kropka net. :)

  12. Keralis says:

    @CraftPixel no you are! :) Thanks bud.?

  13. Keralis says:

    @RafaPL10 hejka to jest? water shader mod ale nie dziala na 1.0.0. :(

  14. Keralis says:

    @KawaiiPandah0 it is on the? list and will be built. :)

  15. Keralis says:

    @kriptonben54 Happy that you like it and pm the link so I can have a? look. :)

  16. Keralis says:

    @AcerB4SH heya, you have to share a video of it and let me see,? thank you. :)

  17. MrPioKarm says:

    @MrPioKarm sorki? Sunshine Avenue 2

  18. AcerB4SH says:

    Wow, I love your awesome build, it looks very very nice? with my own TP..

  19. kriptonben54 says:

    Hey love the town we are using lots of it on our server and? we adding more thanks for the cool new town for us to use. Msg me if you want to se how we have added to it.

  20. KawaiiPandah0 says:

    BUILD A TOWN HALL! And a Museum and? a bank!!!!!

  21. RafaPL10 says:

    Jak uzyska? tak? wod? w hd z odbiciami jak na filmie? ?

  22. CraftPixel says:

    why so much subs? cuz u epic. ’nuff said.?

  23. MrPioKarm says:

    @Keralis Móg?by? pokaza? dok?adnie Sunshine Avenue 1 poniewa? odwzorowuje go z odcinka kiedy rozmawia?e? z BuraczkiemCebulaczkiem zrobi?em po?ow? ale to? tak cholernie trudne ?e nie wiem co dalej.

  24. MatrixPL211 says:

    Daj to tego? save prosze!

  25. Keralis says:

    @JedenJob thank you very much!? I angielski jest super!

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