Raymond “Shrimp boy” Chow on Channels 7 ABC News

There is much drama going down in regards to Raymond Chow’s notorious background and the Chinatown nigh fair.
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25 Responses to Raymond “Shrimp boy” Chow on Channels 7 ABC News

  1. sifufrank says:

    LOL?? what you laughing at?

  2. thetrax91 says:


  3. noformstyle says:

    Dimsum? Song – INGLISH


    support ur? asian bros

  4. ThePro911 says:

    say what u want? but all i want to say is i really do want to slit your throat.

  5. T0nic666 says:

    Shrimp boy dont deserv? ANY chance he should get locked up forever!! Fukin chinese pig!!

  6. sifufrank says:

    As I am a member of Raymond’s Tong, I can vouch that? nothing underhanded is taking place under his reign as President of the Chinese Freemasons.

  7. allnyter00 says:

    I ain’t HopSing but my cuhso’s Pinky and Brainiac? shooo is so you know I fucc with the H.Sac stand up

  8. allnyter00 says:

    I ain’t? HopSing but my cuhso’s Pinky and Braniac shooo is so you know I fucc with the H.Sac stand up

  9. jamesdewer says:

    Lol, I like how the Neighborhood “Chose” Mr Chow. Then he runs for local office and all opposition “disappears”. I love being Chinese. Right down to my Gangs. One thing you can say about us when there is money involved is that we are? all brothers and sisters when.

  10. ayanishiki22 says:

    This guy just went to our school and gave an awesome? speech and I believe he does deserve a second chance.

  11. CaseysTruth says:

    ANNA COWGILL-Adams County IL-search court records:Attorney General vs ANNA COWGILL;public aid fraud;drug & child abuse;warrants for her arrest;forcible entry & detainer-owes thousands to those cheated. Using? your material publicly.Be aware.

  12. sifufrank says:

    yes yes gkt!?

  13. Netkiller121 says:


  14. sifufrank says:

    throw? it up!

  15. ceetboy says:

    Hop Sing Tong Freemason!?

  16. sifufrank says:

    HOP SING SF? one love

  17. gryxng says:

    hop sing tong cuHS south sac san fran? nigga

  18. sifufrank says:

    Right? On!

  19. yurislav02 says:


  20. yurislav02 says:

    hop? sing boyz 4 lyfe

    -yurai cheng

  21. williameva says:

    is he peter chow’s? brother? LOL

  22. sifufrank says:


  23. PrinceGodVampire says:


  24. sifufrank says:

    that’s right.? especially when the party in question is truly trying to change his old ways.

  25. EndoSmoke16 says:

    Everybody deserves a 2nd chance no matter what they did in the past?

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