Slaves of Dubai

Most people know Dubai for its massive skyscrapers and luxurious hotels, but few know that the city was built by modern-day slaves. — For months, the BBC’s Ben Anderson hung out around the glittering, insane towers springing up in Dubai trying to infiltrate the community of expatriate workers who are putting them up. What he found when he finally got in was that the jewel of the Arab world is almost entirely built upon imported slave labor. Watch “Why it Never Gets Better in Afghanistan”: Originally aired in 2009 on Subscribe for videos that are actually good Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like VICE on Facebook Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our tumblr:
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24 Responses to Slaves of Dubai

  1. dumbnetworks says:

    Alright, BUT this is the way every nation was build, on skeletons, starting with Persia trough Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, GB, USA, Germany, Japan, USSR, China…. The whole world is? a big PYRAMID SCHEME. What did we learn from this? that maybe in 200 years an Emirates journalist will go to Somalia to talk about the “slaves” building a new metropolis.

  2. kundiandiaseel says:

    This definitely is inhumane……but i would like all of you to know? that this does not happen everywhere in the UAE.
    You know what the funny thing is?
    The Americans ill treat the Mexican labourers too but no one gives a damn about that…now do they?
    the west is always trying to defame the arab world……i am not saying that this is ok…..but this definitely does not happen everywhere…

  3. sluggz956 says:

    Yeah sure I’m a big? moron, and?

  4. sluggz956 says:

    And thanks I? know…I’m a Asshole By Nature. :)

  5. sluggz956 says:

    Aww I’m truly hurt, I apologize Cockslap oh I mean Jockslap. I don’t give? 2 shits or a flying fuck what you think so fuck you and Dubai. I’m American and proud so what?

  6. b53soj says:

    They take there passports its impossible? for them to get back.

  7. Jack Couldrey says:

    when did i say it was??

  8. luciferiexcelsil says:

    Many other documentaries have been done about Dubai’s wage slaves. Face it, the UAE? is a tyrannical regime, puppet of the Western super powers.

  9. shur8wanah says:

    Dubai not like that at all , in the UAE,? the government take care of everyone live in its land, I don’t believe this in the UAE

  10. jockslap says:

    No, you sir are the asshole, he’s suggesting that you don’t damn an entire geographical population for the sake of some shady people doing bad things there.

    If you where american, i wouldn’t? blame you for drone strikes, asshole.

  11. mynameisryan24 says:

    The UAE is defiantly not a third-world country.?

  12. BroccoliBeefed says:

    I? would say, “Then ship me back to India or Bangladesh. Thank You. ”

    This is so disgusting and upsetting to see this, and such a travesty..

  13. BroccoliBeefed says:

    White guy should have? had the sense to wear body make up to make his complexion darker. And change his accent.

  14. BroccoliBeefed says:

    I don’t understand why they can’t just give? them decent living conditions. It’s not like they are asking for living conditions of buildings they construct, such as the Burj Kalifa … Take a look at how Google treats its employees and learn, you asshole C.E.O.s and tyrants.

  15. BroccoliBeefed says:

    And this is exactly why the USA gov’t let’s? Mexicans hop the border unchecked. Never mind that it’s against laws that they created but won’t enforce, and never mind that USA citizens want their borders secure.

  16. STOPjammietime says:

    This is so sad. How can people do? this to one another?

  17. solution833 says:

    There is no way way I stopover in Dubai after the expose`. It’s just like? the illusion of Las Vegas only 1000 times worse!

  18. x3Heroiinex3 says:

    Indonesia & Turkey are muslim too ,don’t blame islam on that stupid? retarded

  19. ApocalypticCarnage13 says:

    So your admitting your? a moron?

  20. Mizaro11 says:

    Iranian terror squads are arming up to turn? dubai into a wasteland again … good riddens I say

  21. freedomfyter says:

    Dumbass slaves as in they get paid? close to nothing for working.. try thinking arr arr!!

  22. freedomfyter says:

    Did you guys know that if you dont pay your mrtgage you can go to jail? even a few days late straight to jail you go.. lol what a fucked up? shithole arab muslim land is hehe..

  23. Jack Couldrey says:

    this is in every rich part of a 3rd? world country.

  24. AssyrianRebel1 says:

    Dude how would you like your pay to be withheld for 5 months+. The employer is not holding up his end of the deal, it’s bullshit.

    I worked in Dubai, they even played games with me though I was a white collar worker. I got the fuck out of there as soon as a could, but this? guy does not have that option.

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