False Flags Unraveling – Sunday Update

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: www.corbettreport.com
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25 Responses to False Flags Unraveling – Sunday Update

  1. dpetrano says:

    Do u think something like this could fly?

    Enactment of FALSE FLAG PROHIBITION ACT, making it a high felony for any US official, citizen, agent, operative or ally, to plan, conspire, orchestrate, commit, counsel, conceal, exploit or knowingly place wrongful blame on any event or occurrence, intended to generate? fear over the general population, or as a pretext to engage in: (1) hostile conflict, in or with foreign countries, and/or (2), loss of civil rights to the US population.

  2. Lima Costa says:

    High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag
    Terror … And Warn of Future Attacks (copy and past to your browse and delete spaces)
    h t t p : / / dprogram. net/2011/06/12/high-level-american-officials-admit-that-the-united-states-uses-false-flag-terror-%e2%80%a6-and-warn-of-future-attacks/
    This has been going on for? years & now no one pays any attention. Is it better to pay attention now, or pay with the lives of your children & yourself later?

  3. bmw200000 says:

    i know that, it was a rhetorical question lol. the funny thing is, its not just 9/11 that is mocked, its almost everything that the media doesnt want people to? talk about!!! like the UFO phenomena! why are so many people against the truth coming out?? i cant believe it is 2011 and we are still repressed and live in a society where you get scrutinized just for speaking your mind!! BULLSHIT!!

  4. pgbcca1 says:

    because mainstream media controls the perception of whats accepted by public at large and any alternate theories (the truth) regarding 9/11 is mocked and/or people get violent and? call you unpatriotic for asking questions

  5. bmw200000 says:

    9/11 was an inside job.? Why is nothing still done about it ?

  6. Metallicat100 says:

    I saw that too….on MSNBC. They didn’t fail to mention John Kerry,? who came in second, but no mention of our man Ron. Just like last time; he was shut out on purpose. Google also sensors free speech, unless your viewpoint is liberal, of course.

  7. t4705mb6 says:

    We should stop grouping the villains of the world by area of origin – countries or “states”. The “common” peoples of ALL countries are our brothers/sisters & relish peace & harmony – to raise their families in mutual coexistence with the world. As a a concerned WORLDWIDE society we MUST focus on the CRIMINALS who have stolen our planet. If we stand together arrest, try & imprison the bloodthirsty users? of mankind we have hope for the world we all TRULY want. Do it for your children!

  8. NoNORADon911 says:

    ”There are? known unknowns” lol. Rumsfeld, what a asshole.

  9. ed11561 says:

    That’s because Cuntoleeza Rice is looking where? Asscroft said the WMD’s were :-) to the north,south,east & west of Tekrite.

  10. badattitude77769 says:

    Personally, my feelings are all? butthurt. ouchies

  11. UltraVert says:

    Oh noes,? my feelings!

  12. badattitude77769 says:

    Search: members knights malta
    Rumsfeld never lies, 12 million dollar profiteer from aspartame poisoning our gulf war soldiers and our children and ourselves, thanks Rummy! . no? ??n??

  13. badattitude77769 says:

    Thank goodness!? no? ??n?!!

  14. badattitude77769 says:

    Search: members? knights malta

  15. rainbo5250 says:

    AOL,….censors free speech. I tried to speak up for Ron Paul,……and my comment was? censored out.

    The front page news story was on up and comming canidates,…….Ron Paul was NOT mentioned in the news write up,……even though he won the recent straw poll.

  16. TheUsman2000 says:

    My country is wounded, but I have faith in “true Americans” to stand up and correct the mistake. I do not buy your accusation that our voting machines are rigged. Best case scenario is a man with true American beliefs comes forward, maybe a man with Ronald Reagan’s convictions and drive. I will be following this very closely with the upcoming 2012 elections. We need to vote the right man in this time,? although either way obama will follow the path of carter…

  17. ed11561 says:

    Politicians are? such f#cking liars!

  18. THEUSSLIBERTY67 says:

    ? That sounds good but how does one get around the rigged voting machines?
    I am sure Henry Reid is not legal nor was boy Bush. If a true patriot and Constitutionalist is not placed in
    office, then I hope all hell breaks out.

  19. UltraVert says:

    You can say fuck on youtube, it’s? okay.

  20. ekultus says:

    Go? back to sleep, it’s just a bad dream :)

  21. toddao1959 says:

    American Brother and Sisters.Wake-Up!……. ..”911 was a inside job carried out by criminal elements of our own government” Watch ” Loose Change Final Cut” for free on the web….Thank You.?

  22. gobiernopodrido says:

    all? is a Lie all the Media is a lie ….Amor y paz !!!

  23. sueBADcops says:

    Good? Job

  24. amommamust says:

    Outstanding! ?

  25. spirittoo says:

    The debate is over … 911 and 7/7 were inside jobs … anyone? that denies that is either a shill or extremely stupid.

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