Armed Vs Unarmed Victims

This is a comparison between Armed and Unarmed victims. Unarmed Victims: Son of village postmaster shot dead in robbery Shotgun robbery captured on CCTV Shotgun raid horror Heavily pregnant woman went into labour after being attacked by a mugger Baby thrown during armed robbery Armed robbers attack man with axe Serial Rapist Attacks 71+ Unarmed Women (London) Career burglar gets life for the murder of ‘brave’ householder 2009 – Burglaries and knife robberies up Home Invasion Rape South Africa South Africa Home Invasion Murder Mugger in Sex Attack ARMED VICTIMS: Armed woman kills sex offender trying to rape her for the second time UK Farmer stops armed robbery with shotgun Armed woman shoots her stalker whilst making 911 call Armed man stops armed robbery Armed homeowner shoots burglar Armed man protects his home and family Armed shopkeeper stops shoplifters
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24 Responses to Armed Vs Unarmed Victims

  1. kakasanti says:

    Be a good Englishman, listen to Piers Morgan. It’s ironic England used to rule over 3/5 of the world , it was all possible because most of the countries they invaded either had already disarmed their citizen or the English invaders divided, conquered and then disarmed their new subjects in order to control’ em for centuries.

    India, Nepal, Sri? Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives consisted of more than a billion unarmed people, easy for the English to control.

    It’s KARMA!

  2. catmandoo4u1 says:

    Amen brother. When are you gonna take that? faggot Pierce Morgan back. You probably don’t want him.

  3. Derp Derpingson says:

    Yeah, there’s no facts or evidence of? a certain opinion being right or wrong. Totally.

  4. Derp Derpingson says:

    Yeah, highest deaths committed by citizens defending themselves from criminals. I live in America, my parents have concealed carry, and I don’t feel like they’re? going to walk into a school and kill 50 kids any time soon, look it up if you don’t believe me. -_-

    In the Sandy Hook tragedy, the same number of kids killed there were killed in China by a man with a knife. What if the teachers had a gun in a locked cabinet? Just one gun. Oh well, believe what you want.

  5. bagodbolt says:

    The US has the third lowest murder rates in the Americas.
    What you seem to not realize is that the UK has the highest violent crime rate in western Europe. In addition to a higher violent crime rate then that of even the US. This doesn’t even take into consideration that the US has a? vastly disproportional occurrence of crime and murder in our inner cities. According to FBI statistics, you are 4 times more likely to be a victim of violent crime in the UK then in the US.

  6. bjh05 says:

    UK? Laws a example to the world of how liberal bullshit laws don’t work.

  7. jithin15 says:

    holy fucking? shit! 200 times an he is still left defenseless!! that would never happen here in the US.

  8. FatGuyWithAKatana says:

    heh, i try to? be.

  9. srpope80 says:

    Couldn’t agree more – nothing like the sound of a? Remington 870 chambering a shell. FatGuyWithAKatana, love the Gadsden flag as well. I’m sure you’re a wonderful citizen – Godspeed.

  10. illuminatzihunter says:

    british police are crap but its the politicians allowing themselves? to be bribed(lobbied) who have destroyed society, the polices hands are well tied

  11. yeshualovesu2 says:

    Let’s all email a link to this video to Pierce Morgan. He should see what being a disarmed slave vs. a man that can defend himself and his family? looks like.

  12. todddhel says:

    Thanks for posting this video we need more of these for all the public to? see.

  13. FlamingLavaOwl says:

    when they say “he was sprayed with CS gas”? the clip they show is him being shot at with a revolver, that is not a can of cs gas, i can clearly hear and see that is a pistol.

  14. FatGuyWithAKatana says:

    6:25, universal language for “GET THE FUCK OUT? NOW OR I’LL KILL YOU”

  15. MrZaperdon says:

    I killed a nigger climbing through my basement window 8 years ago.?

  16. ryan thompson says:

    Hey, I’ve been to Sinker in Nashville. They have armed security? now.

  17. ryan thompson says:

    Those? pumpkins are wicked!

  18. Aaron Kay says:

    The story about the rape victim where the guy came back is scary as? shit. Smart borrowing that shotgun. Poor woman, what a nightmare.

  19. PaleHearse says:

    It’s important to note that when the US releases it’s “homicide” numbers.. these are NOT necessarily MURDER statistics. The rather? large mild mannered corn fed boy shown in this video.. committed HOMICIDE according to those statistics. Once you subtract justifiable homicide from those numbers.. they start to look a whole lot more reasonable and understandable.
    I would also go so far as to subtract when a scumbag shoots another scumbag.
    So long as the right people die.. it’s working.

  20. Cleric775 says:

    Say? that again, NOW! =/

  21. Cleric775 says:

    Don’t forget Wales,? where the man mowed down a dozen people with his white van.

  22. TheRealAkaRai says:

    And four out of five of those murders? occur in states with strict gun control laws. If you want a real comparison, look up the amount of murders in Mexico, which has strict gun control, vs Switzerland, where every family is given an automatic weapon by the government. Get back to me when you’re done.

  23. CoffeeCupGoodness says:

    I am American, and while I’m not offended by your? your post I think you may have the wrong idea. We have the death penalty also, but it does not prevent people from committing heinous crimes. We are however, able to defend ourselves. Even our police tell us to kill intruders. I do understand your concern though.

  24. Kimberley Craigie says:

    Just bring back the death? penalty. The UK is right for not legalizing weapons as I for one don’t want this country to become like America. I don’t care if you don’t like this fact. America has the highest deaths than any other country committed by citizens. Look it up if you don’t believe me. -_-

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